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Customer satisfaction survey

Dear Client,

Thank you for the support and trust you have placed in our company. In order to better understand your needs and further get information about your satisfaction in our product quality and services, we hereby carry out this survey on client satisfaction. Please fill in the following questionnaire, so that we can provide you with better products and services.


Please mark the satisfactory item with “√”, or give your suggestions.

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Content of survey:

1.What’s your impression on CRRTE?
2.What’s your opinion about our product quality?


3.What’s your opinion about the delivery accuracy of our products?


4.What’s your opinion about the conformity of product orders?


5.What’s your opinion about the service attitude and coordination about our business personnel?


6.What’s your opinion about the fulfillment of commitments made by our business personnel? Do such commitments meet your requirements?


7.What’s your opinion about the communication and coordination abilities of our business personnel?


8.What’s your opinion about our works in reception, solution of problems, technical support, and commitment to after-sales services?


9.What’s your opinion about the overall service quality of CRRTE?


What’s your opinion about the overall service quality of CRRTE?

Thank you for your valuable suggestions! Best wishes!