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        Located in Central China, China Railway Science & Industry Group Rail Transportation Equipment Limited Company (“CRRTE” for short) is the largest manufacturer of large-scale construction equipments for urban rail transit in China Railway Group Limited, which ranks amongst Top 500 Enterprises. It is situated at Xingfu Industrial Zone, Miaoshan Economic Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City in the hinterland of “optical valley” where academic institutions and hi-tech enterprises are agglomerated. Moreover, it borders on the picturesque Tangxun Lake Scenic Area of Wuhan.
        Main businesses: Assembly, improvement, maintenance, repair, storage, technical consultation of shield machine and integrated services for the manufacturing of shield and cutter for large-scale structural members; integrated service for the design, manufacturing, improvement, maintenance, repair and storage of large-scale and medium-scale portal cranes; machining of large-scale high-precision components, and; manufacturing of cable saddle, clamp, and other auxiliary mechanical parts for suspension bridge.
        CRRTE’s products are applied in diversified fields such as subway, bridge, railway, water conservancy, and public works, etc.