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1. Quality guideline
    All employees shall pay due attention of product quality. No accident and defective product is allowed. Strenuous efforts shall be made to ensure the safe ex-factory delivery of each qualified equipment.
    Connotation of quality guideline:
    1) Extensive participation: All employees shall pay due attention to product quality and take unremitting efforts to continuously improve product quality and safety;
    2) Each quality control system, procedure and task shall be carried out in strict compliance with the safety technical specifications, so as to prevent defective products;
    3) Measures shall be taken to control the quality of materials, parts and components; unqualified materials shall not be adopted in production; unqualified parts and components shall not be assembled; unqualified process shall not be moved forward, and; unqualified products shall not be delivered out of the factory;
    4) Measures shall be taken to ensure the safety and reliability of each product, so as to realize the objective for CRRTE’s quality assurance system of specialized equipments, guarantee the major quality goals of CRRTE, and ensure CRRTE’s commitment to clients, supervisory authorities, inspection and authentication organizations, and society.
2. Quality goals
    1) Ex-factory products shall have the qualification rate of 100%;
    2) 100% of the products shall be supervised and inspected;
    3) Qualification rate for the one-time inspection of structural parts and assembled mechanical and electric parts shall reach 90%;
    4) Repair rate of products shall reach 5% (calculated as per each set of equipment after ex-factory delivery; calculated as per project before ex-factory delivery);
    5) After appraisal, supervision and inspection, there shall be no severe non-conformity item and unqualified safety performance index;
    6) No major responsibility, safety and quality accident.